HTZ informing foreigners of switching to euro and entering Schengen area

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The Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) is conducting an information campaign  on the most important markets for Croatia's tourism to acquaint possible guests with the introduction of the euro in Croatia, and the country's  entry into the Schengen Area, HTZ has reported.

HTZ is conducting activities through social networks and online communication channels to inform about Croatia's admission to the euro and Schengen areas in early 2023, which should contribute to efforts to boost  the competitiveness of the national tourist industry..

"The introduction of the euro will have multiple positive effects on Croatian tourism. From next year, our many foreign guests will not have conversion costs, it will be easier to find their way around the displayed prices, and there will be greater transparency in general," HTZ director Kristjan Staničić said.

According to him, the positive impact of the euro changeover will also be an additional improvement of business processes between domestic and foreign tourist entities, and he also considers the geopolitical context and Croatia's right to direct participation in the design and implementation of common monetary policy at the EU level to be necessary.

As part of the information activities about the euro and Schengen, HTZ is also promoting Croatia's tourist trade by highlighting various products, experiences and activities from 2023, and that like everything else, it will be payable in the euro currency.

According to the data presented by HTZ, this year there were 18.8 million tourists and 104.5 million overnight stays in Croatia, which is 37% and 25% more compared to the same period in 2021 and 91% and 96% of the results from 2019, respectively. (Hina/FaH)