E-tourism - new set of public services for tourism sector

E-tourism is a new set of digital public services for the tourism industry available as of today in the e-citizens system and devised as part of the three-year project Croatian Digital Tourism or e-tourism, conducted by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Presenting the project, Natalija Havidić of the Tourism and Sports Ministry said that the project was launched in early 2018 and would be completed in early February this year.

Its purpose and that of all digital services devised is to improve the efficiency of public services and communication between citizens, tourism entities and public administration, she said.

The EU has financed the project with €4.4 million, which is 85% of the necessary funding, and its total value is €5.2 million, with the rest having been provided by the Tourism and Sports Ministry, whose project partners were the Croatian Tourism Board and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourism Board.

Havidić said the project would make it possible to obtain online all documents on the provision, registration or change of tourism services.

Five services in e-tourism system

There are three new services as a result of the project - TuStart, TuRiznica and TuRegistar, with the previous two - eVisitor, the tourist registration system and the Croatia.hr portal, which presents Croatia's tourism services and information, having been upgraded.

Havidić said the purpose of the TuStart service is to enable the online launch, registration or change of tourism business, TuRegistar is the central tourism register covering businesses and citizens providing tourism services, facility classification, etc, while TuRiznica is an online system for the filing of requests for tourism grants, where such requests will be visible.

Havidić said the project was an excellent basis for accomplishing the vision of smart tourism until 2030.